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Doubts about how much plutonium and uranium is contained in a vast waste tank at Sellafield in Cumbria has led the European commission to prosecute the British government for failing to adhere to proper nuclear safeguards.The building, known as B30, is one of the most intractable nuclear waste problems in Europe.

Sarah Barnett, president of the Entertainment Networks Group at AMC Networks, said: “If this tale was invented you’d think it too preposterous – the fact that it is true, and told so brilliantly, makes for an unmissable three-part TV event that will entertain and enthral American audiences every bit as much as their British counterparts.

Caroline Lucas, Green MEP for the south-east of England, said: “Although inspection visits have been conducted on an annual basis for 15 years, the problem remains the same: inspectors appear to be in the dark over exactly what is in the B30 pond.

A fire truck escorting the coffin containing Niemeyer’s body passes his National Museum of the Republic in Brasília on Thursday. Photograph: Cadu Gomes/APWhile modern and progressive in tone, Niemeyer’s architecture absorbed lessons from the past and from nature. His biomorphic forms were inspired in part by Picasso and Arp, but also by the baroque inheritance in Brazil. He developed a style that abstracted the shapes of the meandering rivers and contours of the tropical landscape, and those of the female figure. His architecture combined sensual curves, rich materials and movement through layers of space. His buildings resemble filters through which air may pass while heat and glare are excluded by screens.

Part of the problem is that ratings agencies are funded by the very companies they rate. If you want to be rated, you must pay an agency between $1,500 and $2,500,000 for the privilege, depending on the size of your company. In theory, this creates a conflict of interest, because it gives the agency an incentive to give the companies the rating they want. It could explain why, for much of the past decade, agencies seemed happy not to question either the risks banks were taking, loba negra epub or the accuracy of their accounts. “We rely on audited statements,” one senior analyst told Alexandra Ouroussoff, an anthropologist who spent six years interviewing people involved with credit ratings agencies. “We are hamstrung by audited statements. If lying accountants sign off on a fiction …” The analyst – known as Jane – left the sentence unfinished, but her inference was clear: the agencies are only as effective as their clients are honest.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Charles Ingram on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in 2001. Photograph: PAHelen McCrory, Mark Bonnar and Aisling Bea will also star in the production, which is written by James Graham, whose play of the story hit the West End in 2018.

The funeral procession, with Corcovado hill in the background on the right, where Niemeyer will be buried. Photograph: Antonio Scorza/AFP/Getty ImagesRichard Rogers, architectOscar Niemeyer was one of the last great modern masters, alongside Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier. He was an artist and poet and concrete was his natural material, allowing him to interpret his designs and free-flowing ideas. The last Niemeyer building I visited was his Serpentine pavilion in Hyde Park which, although small, is a seminal building. It communicates optimism, simplicity and beautiful proportions; it makes one realise how over-complex modern buildings are today.

He told me that architecture is important, but that life is more important. And yet in the end his architecture is his ultimate legacy. Like the man himself, it is eternally youthful. He leaves us with a source of delight and inspiration for many generations to come.

Sato, who also won here in 2017, said he knew Dixon would have been tough to beat under green. “I know Scott was coming right through, out of turn four, he was screaming”, Sato said. “I had to hold him off.”

“Typically, bubbles are unwound when the Fed takes away the punch bowl. Obviously, this is very unlikely to happen anytime soon,” Wolfe Research strategist Chris Senyek wrote on Tuesday. “However, this bubble can still be unwound by sustained economic disappointments.”

Zaha Hadid, architectIt’s a tremendous loss. Oscar was a gentleman and a truly great architect – a virtuoso talent. His visionary work has had the deepest influence, with the highest degree of originality and spatial sensibility. It encouraged me to pursue my own architecture of total fluidity. Many architects experiment with shape, but Oscar pushed his work to a much higher level – using the capacity of concrete to be poured into beautiful, fluid forms. His importance to architecture in the 20th century cannot be overestimated. Our profession has lost a great voice.

“The commission is surely not suggesting the UK authorities may be diverting this material for non-peaceful uses. We know where it is, and we have been analysing with the commission for several years how best to deal with it. But we will not be rushed into any action.”

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