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4.34pm “If Paul Walsh is such a great judge of a stinker (4.20pm),” begins Mac Millings, “how could he have grown this hairy abomination?” Hoo hoo that’s a gem, a full-on Chewbacca. Actually, looking at it again, that’s Killer Bob from Twin Peaks, isn’t it.

2.49pm An email from our man at the Emirates, David Hytner. “Arsene Wenger kicks off the afternoon by having a moan in his programme notes. ‘We play Burnley at home in the next round of the FA Cup on the Sunday before travelling to Roma [in the Champions League] the following midweek. So of course I would have preferred that game to be on the Saturday but we don’t decide these things. We said we wished to play on the Saturday, it was not accepted so we will adapt.'” For one of football’s great visionaries, Wenger really is risibly myopic. He didn’t have a problem with Manchester United having to play four games in eight days in 1996-97, did he?

“When you arrive, there’s an initial shock at how drastic the experience is. The home we used as our base was someone’s front room, with all the seats and sideboards propped up. Within two-and-a-half hours the same room was filled with water, and a kid, 18 months or two years old, was swimming in it, with no fear at all, a little water baby.”

On Saturday an estimated 1 million people poured on to the streets of Santiago for a peaceful protest that was reputedly the country’s largest since the dying days of Gen Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship in the late 1980s.

“Whenever we teach and there’s high tide,” Bulilan says, “the attention of the kids is not here anymore, it’s with the sea … they are looking at you, but they are playing with the water with their feet. There is also dirt, it’s fine if it’s just fish that enter the classroom, but… human waste, also enters.”

The writer, who was born in San Sebastián but has lived in Germany since the mid-1980s, initially wondered what another book could say about 40 years of bloodshed. And besides, he told the Guardian, “bad books can come out of good sentiments; in fact, that’s something that happens quite often”.

“I have principles and ambitions in line with the team’s project. Their progress this winter gives credibility to the objectives for the 2022 season and I will share all my racing experience with everyone from the engineers to the mechanics and my teammates. The team wants and has the means to get back on the podium, as do I.”

“It’s a great source of pride and with an immense emotion I’m returning to the team that gave me my chance at the start of my career and which now gives me the opportunity to return to the highest level.

Peter Hartmann, the director of CODEFF Aysen, an environmental group organizing to protect the wild ecosystems of Chilean Patagonia, said: “It’s a shame because the summit was an opportunity for Chile to be more coherent in their environmental outlook and to bring international attention to the environmental issues in Chile.”

“The signing of Fernando Alonso is part of Groupe Renault’s plan to continue its commitment to F1 and to return to the top of the field,” said Cyril Abiteboul, their managing director. “The strength of the bond between him, the team and comprar teclado tfue the fans make him a natural choice.”

“It is absolutely logical for no one to come. We’re in no shape to receive presidents at the moment. I support the decision,” said Marcia Ruiz, a 56-year-old protester who was outside La Moneda, Chile’s presidential palace, on Wednesday.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest What’s real? … TV Buddha by Nam June Paik. Photograph: Hogers & VersluysNam June Paik called the TV screen “a canvas” and said he wanted to shape it as precisely as Leonardo, as freely as Picasso, as colourfully as Renoir, as profoundly as Mondrian, as violently as Pollock and as lyrically as Jasper Johns. Considered to be the mastermind behind video’s eventual acceptance as art, Paik was born in Seoul in 1932, but was educated in Tokyo then lived in Düsseldorf in the early 60s, doctoring the innards of old TV sets to create abstract patterns on their screens.

“This has been a very difficult decision – which has caused us great pain – because we understand perfectly the importance [of the events] for Chile and for the world,” Chile’s centre-right president said.

The piece could be seen as a timeless Buddhist koan or riddle: what is the difference between the Buddha staring at a live (present time) image of himself and the Buddha confronted with his videotaped (past time) image? In this accessible new medium – a break from the venerable, static forms of painting and sculpture – a work can seem as classic and as mystifying as a Michelangelo sculpture.

Chile’s embattled president has been forced to cancel two major international summits after government concessions failed to defuse weeks of violent protests that have seen thousands of arrests, left at least 20 dead and sent shock waves across Latin America.

Chile protesters: ‘We are subjugated by the rich. It’s time for that to end’ Read moreSebastián Piñera made the announcement on Wednesday morning, telling reporters Chile would no longer be able to host November’s Apec trade summit and the COP25 UN climate conference the following month.

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